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let’s flow with flair
for a remarkable brand journey

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Flair Creative Consultancy

We are a creative Consultancy for brand excellence blending design, communications, and management expertise.

Using strategic flair, a collaborative approach, and our love of aesthetics, we convey your brand essence through highly inspirational moments, rich in empathy.

Culture. The Art & Design landscape is our source of inspiration.

Savoir-faire. Talents from different fields ensure remarkable results for brand success.

Mindset. Through a collaborative approach, we elevate and evolve your brand.

Flair Creative Consultancy


Consulting. Strategy. As creative and strategic sparring partner, we help you enhance existing processes and develop innovative signature projects.

Management. Tools. We provide you with all the necessary resources, from continuous project management, to processes, databases, and the relevant tools.

Communications. Relations. We connect key audiences and channels, develop core content and messaging, and manage relevant opinion leader, media, and influencer relations.

Design. Experience. We design events with specific attention to detail and format – from unique pieces featuring your brand, to comprehensive events and experiences, both in-store and at exclusive locations.

Priscilla Balmer & Yvo Hählen


Balmer Hählen is a Swiss design powerhouse typing fonts with flair and crafting style in every design and top-notch prints. Specializing in art, design, music and photography, they blend digital media and print. Garnering global awards and members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, they go beyond just creating.

Vesna Jelovac


A visionary force at the intersection of global branding and digital innovation, Brand New World’s Co-Founder Vesna breaks the codes of digital territory, deftly merging her expertise and network with the collective strength of cutting-edge digital marketing.

Gaëlle Zosso


Gaëlle is a boundless word lover who creates meaningful storytelling, crafting inspirational and impactful narratives for brands, products and personal journeys, capturing the unique essence and emotion within each story.

Gianni Camporota

AD - Video & Photography

A photographer by training, cinematographer by passion and drone pilot for the thrills, Gianni’s keen eye for beautiful light and aesthetic imagery casts a distinctive glow across the creations of his Moonlight production company.



With his innate refined elegance, Italian roots and a heart beating to the rhythm of Lausanne, Luciano is more than a mere stylist, instead transforming every outfit into a performance. From the revered halls of Gucci to the chic corridors of Prada, building on a background steeped in the art of visual merchandising and known as an iconic figure on the nightlife scene, Luciano has acquired expertise in image & style consultancy enabling him to breathe life into fashion for those seeking a style that reflects their individuality. Get ready to be attired in ways that defies conventions.

Luciano Cacciatore

Managing Partner MarCom Lux, Curator Experiential Dinner

Who else but an Italian to blend the virtual and the tactile, fusing tech brilliance with human warmth! When Salvatore Mandra speaks AI, it’s the outcome of his boundless curiosity and attraction to the new and unknown. When he speaks style, his track record spans iconic names from Hublot to Hermès, Scuderia Ferrari to Juventus. As Managing Partner of MarcomLux,  he’s a creative strategist and entrepreneur.

Salvatore Mandra

French Pop Singer and Songwriter

Diving deep with her voice, Fanny lifts words to new heights.

Her transformative journey culminates in the “Awakening”, more than just an album.

A very personal and intimate story that delves into her personal growth where her unique voice forged through life’s trials, navigates the spectrum of human emotions. Stripped down to its essence, her voice shifts from deep to ethereal. Each track testifies to resilience, celebrating how life’s challenges can change us for the better. From “The Girl I Was” and beyond, Fanny invites us to embrace the power of transformation. 

Fanny Leeb


Zurich’s avant-garde event caterer, Dreierlei, is poised to electrify the Tribal Gathering’s AI dinner with their unconventional culinary flair, as they infuse the meals with their edgy flavors and vibes.

Niklas Haak

Central Market

Introducing Central Market: an ephemeral and nomadic marketplace, where the pulse of festivity beats twice a year. We roam the streets to curate the trendiest local creators, roaring with the trends as we showcase their takes in pop-up sand electrifying fashion shows. 

Our next stop: Rivaz on 25-26 May. No more spots for exhibitors, yet plenty of space for exhilarating discoveries. What’s next is here.

Charlotte Lorenzo

Media Partner

Effortlessly, our esteemed media partner has flair for trends and style. As the premier lifestyle magazine in French-speaking Switzerland, M&A curates the pulse of the latest trends in design, interiors, architecture. With an unapologetic edge, published five times annually, Corine Stübi and her creative team, spotlight the rising stars of tomorrow, immerse yourself in its imaginative mood boards, captivating profiles, and photography picks. Dive in the freshest pool of inspiration.

Contributors with flair

Behind every image, video, words and layout are our creatively flaired contributors.

A big heartfelt thank you to


Virginie Le Moigne,

As an experienced Design & Brand Strategist and Trend Consultant, Virginie empowers her clients to develop their brand wealth with flair.

Working with Swiss and multinational businesses of all scales, from start-ups to global brands across all sectors, she brings over two decades of experience and insights drawn from the Design, Communications, and Public Relations spaces in Switzerland and abroad.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the extraordinary and by the thrill of highlighting bright Talents in the Design & Brand world, she builds top teams to create tailor-made brand activations and strategies side by side with clients.

Fostering a dialogue about all things disruptive in the Life & Style space, she is a regular contributor to magazines and organises experiential events featuring design, contemporary and digital art, fashion, gastronomy, sports, beauty, and innovation.

Honouring her nomadic spirit, Virginie and her tribe – young daughter India and Pomsky Fidji – spend one month every year living and working in different cities… Athens, Capetown, Beirut, Tangier, Casablanca, Tel Aviv, Tunis, and more to come… soaking up the culture, art, and eclectic vibes.

Flair Contributors
Carefully chosen, our checkerboard of international Flair Contributors brings exceptional colour, depth, and inspiration to the world of Flair thanks to their experiences and passions.

Flair Specialists
To create remarkable brand journeys and meaningful opinion-leader experiences, Flair connects with a long-standing network of talented Designers, Copywriters, Scenographers, Digital Artists, Food Designers, and Photographers.

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Specialized in top–tier audiences, we connect select individuals and groups with the patrimony of your brand.

Top • HNWI • Targeted

Opinion Leaders

Print and Digital • CH and International

Digital Players

Targeted • Internal • External

Young professionals • HES/Uni. Students

Flair Creative Consultancy


let’s flow with flair
for a remarkable brand journey

Route de Vevey 30
1009 Pully

+ 41 79 792 97 74

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Flair Creative Consultancy


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