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Masters of Ceremonies 


Founder &

Head of FLAIR Tribal Gathering

She’s as bold as her flair, as creative as her boundless imagination and as unwaveringly determined as it takes to turn the craziest dreams into reality. Let us introduce you to the dreamer, the maker, the curator and moderator of this dreamed-up gathering.

Her wish is to bring together and connect a wealth of creative minds, sharing and sparking what makes her Flair business journey a perpetual chance to meet and be inspired by great flaired souls.


Her passion for the extraordinary fuels her mission to spotlight bright talents, fostering disruptive dialogues in Life & Style, always with flair. Engaged for more than two decades in spotting and unveiling brand wealth, along with nomadic experiences around the world, she nurtures her eclectic vibes from Design & Brand strategist to regular magazine contributor.

Master of Ceremonies - 21 & 22 March


CEO of Brand New World & Co-Founder of Hidden Sound 

You won’t want to miss any Jovan Jelovac punchlines. Lively and strong-willed, he doesn’t settle for the ordinary and nor do you. He knows how to disrupt norms and rewrite rules, so you can be sure you’ll be swept up in the lively, overflowing energy of our Master of Ceremonies. 

As a multilingual, multicultural, jet-setting true global citizen who bridges the creative and business fields without bias, Jovan enthusiastically unleashes his creativity among his many converging roles as CEO of Brand New World since 2013, founder of Belgrade Design Week since 2005 and co-founder of the Swiss home audio company Hidden Sound in 2022 with his partner Vesna Jelovac.

Master of Ceremonies - 21 & 22 March


No upcoming events at the moment

Speakers with flair


Ready for a rejuvenating Talk?

As a visionary and successful creative entrepreneur, Fabrice Aeberhard is known for building brands that last, exploring longevity ecosystem potential, as well as unlocking life essence for brand and human vitality alike.

Over his 17-year journey as a Swiss designer & creative entrepreneur, Fabrice has consistently stood the test of time, crafting an enduring future. From shaping eyewear excellence at VIU to mirroring his commitment to innovation and mindful living through brands with a conscious future like ADA, his holistic approach to business and life blends aesthetic flair with entrepreneurial ventures.

Longevity Talk – 22 March

Design expert at Mobility Talk


They definitely sparked our curiosity and will doubtless ignite yours.

Wonder how robotics and art can work together? Expect the unexpected and the singular.

In a subtle dance between art and robotics, form and function, Claire and Léa unravel the intricacies of our interaction with technology, crafting poetic scenarios for connecting objects with a flair for digital alchemy through interdisciplinarity. 

Guest artists - Live Performance on Robotics & Art  - Friday 22 March


Live breathless and never be trendless!

Stay ahead and don’t miss out on the white-hottest trends!
You won’t want to miss a word  from Vincent Grégoire.

As the Consumer Trends and Insights Director of Nelly Rodi Paris, Vincent has an undeniable flair for knowing everything about what’s next. Ready to ride the trend alongside the go-to trend forecasting pioneer who rules the style game on every continent?

Keynote speaker - Trends and Business Intelligence - 22 March


What if chance was scripted by AI?
What if your network endowed you with superhero powers?

Through the power of AI, LazyBrain AI’s CEO Noah Raford super-empowers your network, designing unexpected connections through advanced algorithms, with matching flair. Dr Noah Raford is an American visionary futurist & strategist who has spearheaded Dubai’s world-first fully functional 3D-printed building (Dubai Future Foundation), as well as the MENA regions’ blockchain and cryptocurrency strategy.

AI Talk – 22 March


Ready to shift the gears of the car industry with Piergiorgio Cecco ?

Be swept away by the Genesis take on the mobility landscape and automotive industry standards.

Since 2020, Piergiorgio has been steering the Swiss wheel of Genesis reshaping the premium and luxury car scene across Switzerland. With nearly three decades of unique automotive experience – encompassing Ford, BMW, Ferrari and an 18-year tenure at Maserati – Piergiorgio is now at the forefront of automotive excellence, revolutionizing luxury mobility, from exclusive prime location studios to a groundbreaking customer-centric philosophy, embracing the Korean "son-nim" philosophy in welcoming customers as esteemed guests.
Mobility Talk – 22 March


Get ready for the new era of AI phones with Dario Casari – from “Circle  to Search” as your universal object finder to “Chat & Call Assist”  for real-time translation and “Photo Assist” for easy top-notch photography. 

Over his 13 years at Samsung, Dario Casari’s journey reflects the brand’s growth from a startup to a global tech giant. Through his leadership and Samsung’s commitment, he envisions  impactful tech solutions addressing societal challenges, asserting a new pioneering spirit in the tech realm.

Swiss-first alert:  by attending the Flair Tribal Gathering, seize your chance to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Galaxy Ultra.

AI Talk – 22 March


Watchmaking with Flair

Investors, don’t just watch, join the seed-round as we flair the new wave of independent watchmaker movers and shakers.


Meet Pierre Coutaz, a 26 year-old nanotechnology engineer with a penchant for breaking norms, one of the visionaries behind this disruptive invention : the Shapeshifter, a patented watch comprising 1,500 intricately designed components, each defying dimensions down to subatomic scale. Ferrofluid, a  NASA-born black liquid displaying time through ever-evolving 3D shapes influenced by magnetic fields, brings artists’ creations to life on your wrist.


Backed by top labs & Swiss research institutes (EPFL, ETHZ, UniFR) and winners of  several Startup Competitions (IMD, Start Lausanne), Time Designers have cracked the code after 2 years of R&D. Now, on the edge of temporal revolution, these atomic architects are paving the way to  a new era in watchmaking. 


Time Talk – 22 March 


Unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Join us for 10 live curveball on-stage questions that will shake up the status quo & disrupt norms. Accustomed to the unexpected, serial entrepreneurial maverick Manuel Emch, will meet the challenge with flair!


Pioneering uncharted territories, Manuel Emch injects fresh perspectives into the watch industry, emerging as a maverick reshaping brands with an unprecedented take on creative entrepreneurship and disruptive thinking. Spanning more than two decades of industry immersion, his story is one of pushing boundaries and challenging norms. From his groundbreaking role as the youngest Brand CEO in Swatch Group’s history, leading spirited startup Jaquet Droz, to niche ventures like reviving Romain Jerome watches, Louis Erard and Raketa, Manuel’s influence goes beyond the boardroom. Steering independent watchmaking to unexpected creative heights, he not only repositions and revitalizes but transcends  conventions, reshaping the cultural fabric of the industry. Manuel’s latest venture, Kollokium, is the ultimate proof of his unparalleled free-sprit and boundary-defying approach, unconstrained by established paradigms or inherited frameworks.

Time Talk – 22 March

Time & Luxury expert at Mobility Talk 


We ALL care about ourselves, inside and out!


Let’s give flair to beauty rituals featuring a blend of molecules and natural super-ingredients.



Get ready to dive into the beautytech realm under the guidance of Tina Frutiger, a trend-savvy, passionate, seasoned 17-year luxury skincare leader. As the Switzerland Director for the brand myBlend, she will share how Dr. Olivier Courtin has revolutionized skincare with high-end, personalized, responsible and pioneering beauty by blending the power of food supplements, cosmetic skincare and cutting-edge beauty tech into nutri-derma-tech cosmetics, unlocking the power of self-regenerating and self-repairing cells. 


Beauty Talk - 22 March 


What if chance was scripted by AI?

What if you were to endow your network with superhero powers?

Through the power of AI, Alex  Kummerman super-empowers your network, designing unexpected connections through advanced algorithms, with matching flair. Tech trailblazer, philanthropist, and visionary entrepreneur, with over 30 years of digital expertise, Alex’s mastered the art of innovation from the internet dawn to the AI era. Born in Berkeley, raised in Geneva, he now pioneers Neurosymbolic AI, sparking unexpected connections for collective intelligence.

AI Talk – 22 March


Steering the AI Talk through moderation, Claudia Schachenmann navigates the digital frontier, immersing you in a space where innovation intersects with connection. 

As a visionary strategist, Claudia drives advanced concepts and leads innovative strategies through initiatives intersecting art, branding and technology. With over a decade of expertise, she ignites innovation, shaping a future rich with creative potential. Through her namesake “Bureaux” Claudia extends her vision beyond art for renowned names like Audemars Piguet, Google Maps and the Circle Zurich.

AI Talk Moderator – 22 March


Buckle up for a ride into the future of travel and accommodation. Andreas Magnus steps onto the stage to delve into Mobility, addressing its game-changing effects on the hospitality industry.


The globetrotting hotelier masters the global stage of hospitality. With a daring fusion of Swiss precision and international flair, Andreas stands at the forefront of the Kempinski culture. From the neon-lit streets of Bangkok to the crisp, untamed Swiss Alps, he now spearheads as the General Manager of Kempinski Palace Engelberg and Frutt Mountain Resort.

Hospitality expert at Mobility Talk – 22 March 


Let's rise with the new generation's trend-trippin' flairing vision on a scene buzzing with hip ideas!

In a burst of refreshing fun, with Vincent Grégoire, our Chief Trend Enthusiast, and Janan Kilcher, the Queen of Creative Ventures, they invite a lively crew of kids & teens (aged 5 to 19) to express their unique style with flair. They hand them the ultimate style playbook: the Trendbook Life & Style 2025 straight from trend-setting NELLY RODI Paris. Get ready to ride the wave of their imagination and redefine cool with a dash of their youthful spirit! Explore what tickles their fancy (curiosity), tune into the vibes that ignite their passions (energy), uncover what sets them apart (identity), discuss what give them chills about the future (impact).

Ears up: unfiltered truth springs from the lips of the young!


Rise with flair Talk 22 March

Performances with flair


London Performance Artist



Let you be welcomed by the artful warmth of Lara Buffard who transforms every encounter into a warm artistic embrace.

During the Flair Tribal Gathering, she is incarnating our Pachamama, wearing a bespoke experiential performance dress to interact with.


Lara Buffard weaves surreal visuals into performance art in a dance between reality and rituals, reflecting the ethereal and ephemeral.

Hailing from Paris, our Flair Pachamama Lara has found in London fertile ground for growing awe-inspiring performances.


Ginny Litscher 

Founder of her eponymous brand

Roland Rahal 
Co-founder of the Swiss label Mourjjan

Genesis bash with flair 


A live art performance by Roland Rahal weaving fashion with a soul & Ginny Litscher painting vibrant vibes!


Witness the creation of a living masterpiece by Mourjjan Fashion Designer Roland G. Rahal and Design Artist Ginny Litscher. This 2-day dressmaking and painting performance at the Genesis Studio Zurich blurs the lines between fashion and art, captivating both Studio guests and passers-by.

As Roland transforms fabric into a luxury dress masterpiece featuring exquisite design and impeccable craftsmanship in every stitch, Ginny breathes life into it with her brush, turning the dress into her intricate, eye-catching signature artwork.  Together they craft a once-in-a-lifetime tale of fine workmanship and artistic expression.

Ginny Litscher

She is an artist and designer known for transcending mediums. From Central Martins to A-list brands and famous admirers, she transforms her intricate signature artworks into eye-catching textile designs. After launching her print collection in 2011 with hand-fringed silk scarves, she further expanded her brand into interior design in 2017. 

Roland Rahal
He has epitomized fashion through a delicate balance of strength and compassion highlighting premium workmanship and quality materials from European family businesses. From the allure of red carpets to the profound impact of philanthropy, from exclusive custom-fitted pieces to high-luxury ready to wear garments, he guides you into a world of the unexpected, where old meets new, West meets East and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Folklor Club Co-Founders

Adolpho & Franky : Shaping the Tribal Gathering Sonic Journey with Folklor Nation


As serial diggers, Adolpho aka Flash Fab’s and Franky aka Vintage Franky – part of the Folklor Club label – mingle dance with experimental tracks, viewing partying as an art form of which atmosphere and audience interaction are an integral part. 

They curate eclectic music experiences through a blend of genres, mixing cultures, drawing on Spanish Vintage Franky’s hip hop roots and Flash Fab’s graphic design prowess. Renowned for their global performances around the globe ranging from minimal beats to pulsating house rhythms, they’re set to redefine the Tribal Gathering experience with their insatiable curiosity and forward-thinking musical vision.


Folklor Club

Folklor Club is more than just the original hosting partner for the inaugural Tribal Gathering in 2023; it's also a cornerstone of Lausanne's nightlife scene, where the collective spirit of Folklor merges with a love for electronic music culture. Its influence ripples out in a tribal pulse through its own music label, Folklor Nation.


French Pop Singer and Songwriter

Tribal Gathering manifesto voiced by soulful French singer and songwriter Fanny Leeb.


Immerse yourself into 90 seconds of creative statement capturing the very essence of flair and translating the beliefs of Tribal Gathering.

Along this journey from identity to aspirations, in a serendipitous series of encounters, Virginie Le Moigne’s flair dreamed up an inspiring manifesto – to capture the very essence and translate the beliefs of Tribal Gathering – manifested into a creative statement by Gaëlle Zosso’ s words and lifted to new heights by Fanny Leeb’s singer voice. Together, they breathe life into a sense of tribe, transcending individuality in a force greater than the sum of its part. 


Two-Michelin-Starred Chef

Taste how Dominik Hartmann’s infuses the spirit of the Tribal Gathering into a tangible delight for the AI Dinner.


Dominik ‘s dessert promises to transcend virtual boundaries. A sensory experience of his vegetarian approach. 


Numbers speak volumes about the prodigy of the new Swiss gastrononmic scene: 30 year-old chef, two Michelin stars, 17 point on the GaultMillau scale. Recognized as the rising-star of fine dining in 2023, he reigns over Magdalena in Rickenbach above Schwyz, Europe’s pioneering two-starred restaurant in the realm of vegetarian cuisine. 

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