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from March 21 @ 2PM
to March 23 @ 8PM

Walk with flair

We drive you to stores with our flair to envision brand wealth.

Explore our curated in-brand immersion through dedicated exploration trail on and around Bahnhofstrasse and in the Genesis Studio Zurich, discovering ephemeral boutique experiences and pop-ups along with a Flaired by Flair selection. 

As you walk with flair, expect unexpected surprises and exclusive gifts awaiting you at every turn in the boutiques and brand experiences, heightening your walk with an extra touch of excitement and wonder.

An in-brand immersion through a selection of boutiques on and around Banhofstrasse.

We invite you to reflect on and experience the dual perspective imagined by the brand itself and the Flair Creative Consultancy team, offering a take on their creative language. 

Walk with flair


In addition to the brand-store tour, we extend an exclusive invitation for you to explore the Genesis Studio Zurich.

Don’t miss the chance to tour the brand pop-ups in the Lounge area on the 1st floor as well as to explore our curated Flaired by Flair selection born from Virginie Le Moigne's encounters with creations, creatives and artists that have inspired her and will inspire you too. 
In this avant-garde space, you can fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Korean-inspired son-nim hospitality and discover cutting-edge car design, including a test-drive experience you can book onsite.

The Walk with Flair Tour //Genesis Studio Zurich 

Flair Tribal Gathering at Genesis Studio Zurich

Flaired by flair


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